Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautiful Dresses Imported From Korea

Rosette Dress - Preorder
Code: 6067
Price: $27.90
Colours: White,Black,Blue,purple
Measurement: Free (Bust 88cm, Length 84cm)

Spagetti ribbon Dress - Preorder
Code: 6052
Price: $24.90 Colours: purple and white as shown in picture
Measurement: Free (Bust 80-90 cm, Length 92cm)

Feminine V neck Dress - Preorder
Code: 6120
Price: $27.90
Colours: Blue and Grey
Measurement: Free (Bust 88cm, Shoulder 35cm, Length 92cm)

Spagetti Elegant Dress - Preorder
Code: 6063
Price: $27.90
Colours: grey,green and purple
Measurement: Free (Bust 80-94 cm, Length 95cm)

Bubble Dress Preorder

Price: $24.90
Colours: Black, rose red,blue and grey
Measurement: Free , Bust 82 -92 CM, Length:88 cm

Spagetti Lace End Ribbon Dress Preorder

Price: $25.90
Colours: Black, rose red
Measurement: Free , Bust 82 -92 CM, Length:85 cm

Ribbon cotton Dress - Preorder

Code: 60683
Price: $27.90
Colours: Black, red,black
S: Bust 82CM, Shoulder: 35cm, Length:93 cm
M: Bust 86CM, Shoulder: 36cm, Length:93 cm
L: Bust 90CM, Shoulder: 37cm, Length:94 cm

Chiffon Feminine Short Dress - Preorder
Code: 6068
Price: $27.90
Colours: Black, Almond, Grey, Pink
Measurement: Free (Bust 88cm, Shoulder 34cm, Length 80cm)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Stylish Tops Import from Korea!!! (JK2 Fashion are inside too!!!)

Chiffon Style Top
Code: 6016
Price: $25.90
Colours: Light green,white,black,pink
Measurement: Free (Bust 88cm, Length 65cm)

Feminine Ribbon Style Top
Code: 6062
Price: $25.90
Colours: Grey and Green
Measurement: Free (Bust 82-94cm, Length 62cm)

Feminine Vic Style Top
Code: 7003
Price: $25.90
Colours: Pink and grey
M: Bust -86, Shoulder-36cm, Length-58 cm
L:Bust -90, Shoulder-37cm, Length-59 cm

Feminine Flare Sleeve Top
Code: 6126
Price: $25.90
Colours: Kaki, Green
Measurement: Free (Bust 90cm, Length 59cm)

Chiffon Feminine Top
Code: 6077
Price: $26.90
Colours: Pink, Grey
Measurement: Free (Bust 92cm, Length 70cm)

Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Top - PreOrder
Code: 5038
Price: $26.90
Colours: Army Green, Beige, Black
Measurement: M (Bust 88cm, Sleeve Length 41cm, Shirt Length 70cm)
L(Bust 92cm, Sleeve Length 42cm, Shirt Length 71cm)

Cotton Victorian Top (Pre-Order)
Code: 6003
Price: $24.90
Measurement: S (Bust 84cm, Shoulder 34cm, Length 53cm)
M (Bust 88cm, Shoulder 34cm, Length 53cm)
L(Bust 92cm, Shoulder 36cm, Length 54cm)

Chiffon Top (Pre-Order)
Code: 6129
Price: $25.90
Colours: Cream, Black
Measurement: Free (Bust 88cm, Length 60cm)

Chiffon Victorian Top - PreOrder
Code: 5003
Price: $25.90
Colours: White, Red, Blue
Size: S (Bust 84cm, Shoulder 36cm, Length 56cm)
M (Bust 88cm, Shoulder 37cm, Length 56cm)
L (Bust 92cm, Shoulder 38cm, Length 57cm)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Spree #13 & #14 have ended!!

Dear Buyers,

Spree #13 & #14 have ended, and we have already sent orders and made payment to our suppliers, we will update on the status in our blog. Do check our blog regularly for the latest updates!

Spree #15 has started and we will end the spree once 10 hits are reached. (:

Thank you all for your support!

The Nanas Closet

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spree #12 Starts on this Sunday, 1st June 08!

Spree #12 Starts on this Sunday, 1st June 08! Stay tuned!

Will send out orders once 10 items are hit and fully paid!

Current Spree hits is 6/10. (30 May 2008)
Thank You for your support!!!

Current Spree Hits: 8/10 (1st June 2008)

We are finalising the orders by Wed 4 June 2008.

For buyers,please email us the details and make payment to our UOB Savings Account: 355-384-119-2 latest by wed 4th June 2008 before 6pm.

For Payment received after Wed 6pm 4th June 2008, orders will be noted and processed in the next spree.

Once again,thank you for showing an interest in our products.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spree #10 will be ending soon today!
For those who has ordered, please transfer the funds into our UOB Savings Account by today!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pretty Dresses Juz For U!

Squarish Collar Dress (Free Belt!!) - PreOrder
Code: 7025
Price: $23.90
Colours: Khaki, Black
Measurement: Free (Bust 84 - 92cm, Length 82cm, Shoulder 37 - 38cm)

Shirt Dress - Can Be used as a top (Pre-Order) (BEST BUY!!!)
Code: 6089
Price: $17.90
Colours: Black, Grey围82--88 衣长74 肩款38-39
Measurement: Free (Bust 82 - 88cm, Length 74cm, Shoulder 38 - 39cm)

Balloon Halter Neck Dress (NEW!!!)
Code: 7405
Price: $21.90
Colours: Blue, Yellow, Black and Pink
Size: Free (Bust 84 - 92cm, Length 75cm, Shoulder 38 -39cm)

Cutie Short Tube Dress - Pre-Order (Special Buys!)
Price: $18.90
Code: 7407
Colours: Green, White, Blue
Measurement: Free (Bust 84 - 92cm, Length 74cm)
Layered Satin BrownDress - Pre-Order (NEW!!!)
Code: 7235
Price: $24.90
Colour: Brown, Black
Size: Free (Bust 82-89cm, Length 80cm)
V neck Black Dress with Ribbon
Code: 830
Price: $24.90
Colour: Black
Size: Free (Bust 78-86cm, Length 87cm)

Sleeveless Dress
Code: 857
Price: $24.90
Colour: Blue and Yellow
Size: Free (Bust 78-88cm, Length 96cm)

V back Ribbon Dress - PreOrder
Code: 2023
Price: $24.90
Colour: Blue
Size: Free (Bust 78-88cm, Length 98cm)

OL Dress with Ribbon
Code: 7085
Price: $24.90
Colour: Almond and Grey
Size: Free (Bust 80-88cm, Length 80cm)

Feminine Chiffon Dress
Code: 7008
Price: $24.90
Colour: White, Pink, Black
Size: Free (Bust 78-86cm, Shoulder, 37-38cm; Length, 78cm)

Button White Short Dress (Sold Out!!!)
Code: 7254
Price: $23.90
Colour: White
Size: Free (Bust, 78-88cm, Length,76cm)

Chiffon Victorian Dress
Code: 840
Price: $24.90
Colour: Yellow
Size: Free

Strappy Dress (Belt Excluded)- Preorder
Colours: Grey, Army Green
Size: Free (Bust, 78-88cm; Length75cm)

Elegant Dress (Pre-Order)
Code: 7245
Price: $26.90
Colours: Black, Pink
Size: Free (Chest 82-92cm; Length, 78cm; Shoulder: 38-39cm)
Remarks: Purple is sold out

Sporty Chic Short Dress (Pre-Order)
Code: 7382
Price: $22.90
Colours: White, Army Green
Size: Free (Chest 78-88; Length 78cm; Shoulder:37-38cm)

2 Piece Dress with inner wear (Can be used as a shirt) - PreOrder
Code: 7381
Price: $22.90
Colours: Green, Red, Black
Size: Free
(Dress: Bust, 78-88cm, length 74cm)
(Inner Wear: Bust, 76-86cm, length 42cm)

Chiffon Flowy Dress (Pre-Order) - HOT SELLER!!!
Code: 3066
Price: $25.90
Colours: Cream, BlackSilky Tube Dress with Ribbon (SOLD OUT!!!)
Size: M, L Price: $23.90Colours: White, Pink
Measurement: M - 86cm chest; 82cm length. L - 90cm chest; 83cm length

Cotton Buttoned Dress (With Belt) - (In-Stock)
Code: 3071
Price: $24.90
Size: S, M and L
Colours: Black, Grey and White (Black - M and Grey - All Sizes Avail)

Chiffon Dress (In - Stock)
Code: 6102
Size: Free (Opening Promo Price)
Price: $22

Colour: Purplish Blue
Measurement: 80cm chest; 34cm shoulder; 79cm length

Feminine Cotton Grey Dress (In-stock)
Code: 6004
Size: S,M,L (S unavailable)
Price: $23.90
Measurement: S (82cm chest; 36cm shoulder: 94cm length)
M (86cm chest; 37cm shoulder: 94cm length)
L (90cm chest; 38cm shoulder: 95cm length)

Flowy Chiffon Dress with Ribbon(In-stock)
Code: 3086
Size: Free
Price: $24.90
Colours: White, Almond, Grey
Measurement: Free *White and Almond sold out*

Elegant Evening Gown (In - Stock)
Code: 6057
Size: Free
Colours: Black, White, Pink, Blue (White Not Available)
Price: $23.90 (Opening Promo Price)
Measurement: 82 - 92cm chest; 90cm length

Grey/Army Green Cotton Buttoned Dress With Belt(Pre order)
Code: 6060
Size: Free
Price: $24.90
Colours: Grey/Army Green
Measurement: Free Size